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August 27, 1999: INFO, INFO, INFO!!!
Gynisse!!!! Remember that name. Gynisse is the newest member of the Stiles Entertainment family.She is to be known as the First Lady of S.E. An R&B singer out of NJ she is now based in Texas and anyone who has heard her voice knows that the future of music will change once she gets a chance to shine. Her first appearance is to be on Sean Stiles' album on an actual remix of one of her own songs.

Also Versatile has broken up and reformed so they will be back soon. Storm Troops Corps has taken the MP3 world by storm. Check out their site at STC

August 21, 1999 THIS IS THE NEWS
Well this is a personal note released by Sean Stiles CEO of Stiles Entertainment: " I have decided to just put out my new album on the streets. I don't care how long it takes me I'll finish it when its done. It's called Millenium Man and will be an EP that at this point has 4 of the top NJ producers doing the beats."

Also Ramaj St. James is now been retitled as the Director of West Coast operations. Joe Merchant is no longer affliated with Stiles Entertainment.Sean Stiles

February 27, 1999: INFO, INFO, INFO!!!
DTA is in negotiations with the Storm Troops Corps. These negotiations are surrounding management duties. New live events are also coming to light for Friday Nite Vyagra on 88.7fm WRSU. Last Friday in March the show wil be live at the MusicBar in Somerset NJ. Any questions email Sean Stiles